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北京走向世界留学咨询中心 | 2014-11-11 15:05:06

The last 12 months must have been a pretty entertaining time to be a visa expert if the results of a new study are anything to go by.

  Data gathered by www.globalvisas.com has revealed the peculiar, not to mention comical, things that some people have asked when tackling their visa applications over the past year.

  From alarming confessions to a shocking lack of cultural knowledge the top 10 makes for some rather eye-watering and rib-tickling reading. And here it is in all its weird glory.

  经英国留学 href="http://www.001uk.com/" target=_blank>英国留学顾问老师统计,有一群令人大开眼界的孩子们曾在申请签证时问过这样的问题,从惊人的自白到没脑子的提问。小伙伴们,申请签证时千万别学他们。跟车结婚合法吗?这货问得出口?还有更奇葩的问题么?赶快来看看吧:

  1、“我听说可卡因在哥伦比亚是合法的,这是真的吗?”-----一申请从法国到哥伦比亚签证的孩子。“I‘ve heard that cocaine is legal in Columbia; is this true?” - an enquiry from a visa applicant looking to move there from France.


  “Do you know if it’s easier to find a wife in England? I‘m struggling here.” - said a Peruvian applicant for a UK visa.


  “Is everybody friends with the Queen?” - asked a Japanese applicant looking to move to England.


  “If I live in America, will I be a movie star?” - question posed by a Filipino applicant.

  5、“我特喜欢艾尔顿约翰,可他又不来这里,只好我过去咯,嘿!你在英国是不是经常看见他?”---一申请英国签证的多哥人。“I want to be closer to Elton John. He doesn’t come to Togo. Do you see him much in Britain?”- a man from Togo professing to be Elton John‘s biggest fan and looking to move to the UK.


  “Is it legal to marry your car?” - question asked by a man from the USA looking to move to Guatemala.


  “I’ve committed a serious crime, but I haven‘t been caught or convicted. Will I be immune once I move?” asked an individual from Italy.


  “Is it illegal if I don’t speak Dutch?” asked one applicant from the Middle East who was looking to secure a Shengen visa for the Netherlands.

  9、“听说澳大利亚是罪犯建立的,你说我去之前是不是得有个犯罪记录啊?”---一申请澳大利亚的马来西亚人。“Somebody told me that Australia was founded by criminals. Do I have to have a criminal record to move there?” - a Malaysian based enquiry for an Australian visa.

  10、“我没有签证。。。所以我打算坐船去葡萄牙,不坐飞机。。。你说他们会让我住那儿吗?”---一申请去葡萄牙的英国人。“I don‘t have a passport. If I sail to Portugal but don’t fly will they let me live there?” - asked a UK resident looking to move there.

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